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Key Features

Personalized & Contextual

Promotional Campaigns with Targeted Offers & Loyalty Schemes that engage 1-1 with customers. The powerful rules engine nudges and triggers customers with contextual communication and incentive to engage and transact more with your brands.

API centric architecture with headless design

This API centric approach allow developers and businesses to quickly plug in to the Kreesalis Core Engine and run their campaigns seamlessly. Developer friendly documentation & guides help to sync all data in real time and offer personalized triggers to enhance customer interactions with the brand and also facilitate 3rd party integrations.

AI-based Optimization & Recommendation Engine

Predictive analytics & optimization algorithms using machine learning models to build forecasts and help businesses create effective campaigns with maximum impact & ROI. The input vectors include groups of variables such as catalog attributes of the product, calendar attributes and events, prices and promotions & shopping cart statistics.
The Cockpit : Advanced Analytics & Simulation features also allows the client to build various scenarios using different models and optimise all the 4Ps – Product, Price, Place & Promotion.

Administrative Flexibility

It is a highly configurable system that allows for setting up as per various industry standards and labeling nomenclature. The user management functions with roles based control and monitoring. It allows for approval workflows and adapts to different kinds of teams. Multiple currencies and multiple languages across multiple geographies and time zones give it the flexibility to work for widely distributed teams also.

Secure & Scalable Infrastructure

It is GDPR compliant and adheres to the latest data privacy laws and regulations. Data encryption & customizable IP restrictions gives the platform enterprise level security. Moreover, superior up-time and response SLAs with audit logs and 24/7 monitoring helps brands give a superlative experience to their users.

How It Functions?

Kreesalis Core

CDP : Collect data (transactional, behavioural, demographic) from all possible sources and build a unified Single Customer View. It creates persistent, unified records of all your customers, their attributes, and their data.
Analytics : To discover insights into users, campaigns & channels of engagement. Progressive profiling, trend spotting, funnels and cohort analysis are used to understand your audience and uncover hidden patterns in customer behaviour.
Behavioural segmentation : Segment users on the basis of purchasing behaviour, benefits sought, customer stage journey, usage, occasion or timing, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, interest, engagement levels, user status. Users can also be segmented based on devices, operating systems, browser types, geography, intent based search data, contextual content, browsing behaviour, CRM data, etc.


Campaigns : Create and manage impactful campaigns by crafting the targeted offers & content for specific audiences and making them consume them either at a point in time or within a particular interval or leaving the option open to them. Multi-channels approach using emails, SMS, mobile push notifications, web push notifications, in-app messages, Whatsapp, Facebook retargeting, Google Ads and others to reach the audience.
Coupons : Use digital coupons to generate traffic to online or retail stores. Collect customer data seamlessly by configuring distribution & claim methods that have to be fulfilled to unlock the discount or reward. Coupons are increasingly popular, extremely convenient and here to stay.
Gamify : Gamify the user experience with game mechanics principles to boost engagement. Use behaviour tracking, set KPIs, measure & reward progress, and give real time feedback with notifications using leaderboards, performance meters, points bars, badges, virtual rewards, and others.
Loyalty : Rules Engine for earning and burning loyalty points. Create a simple or complex matrix of rules with various tactics to engage members. Combine transactional or behavioural earning rules with time, segment, location and more to build a strategy and nudge customers to perform specific actions. Give points for any customer events you want.


Campaign optimisation : Get the full picture on how your campaigns are performing. Identify gaps, take advantage of new opportunities, fine tune the content, offers and campaign mix to increase conversion rates and maximise ROI. Leverage our tools on campaign insights for increased message relevancy and lower expenses and inefficiencies.
Behaviour Scoring & Automated Actions : Using real time data co-related to user profiles, behaviour and clustering to give scores on recency, frequency, monetary value, momentum, intensity, propensity and more such metrics. These are used as triggers for automated actions & are powerful means of running engagement programs.
Content Affinity : Determine which content, blog posts, videos, topics, images and emails are performing well and to which customers the content appeals. Use of machine learning, NLP and content analytics to map content affinity and alert customers to the type of content they like.
Lifecycle optimiser : Using data insights and predictive analytics to improve outcomes at each stage of the customer lifecycle and encourage them to move from one stage to the next. This requires a good infrastructure for personalisation and significant level of automation which is provided by the Kreesalis platform.


Smart audiences : Leveraging machine learning capabilities to analyze customer behaviour throughout the customer journey and identify patterns over time, companies are now building predictive segments based on the likelihood of different customers making a specific purchase.
Journey Canvas : An ideal method to map the customer journey and use data analytics and machine learning to keep improving experiences at multiple touchpoints. Feedback, surveys & NPS form a major part of our toolkit to give enhanced and hyper-personal experiences to your customers.
Goal based marketing : Define goals and milestones at each stage of the customer journey and track the progress of each customers towards it. A golden milestone is an event that must happen for your customer to get value from your offering. The system is set up to nudge the individual towards an outcome, based on stages and action required mapped to profiles and segments.