Use K-CDXP to unlock the power of personalization.

Deliver outstanding personalised experiences with single platform

Kreesalis’s personalization engine creates a real-time complete visitor profile from different data sources & then uses a combination of targeting and recommendation algorithms to provide each visitor a personalized cross-channel experience.

Content and Product Recommendations

Email Personalization

Behavioral Targeting

Account-based Marketing

Personalize your customer’s experience across multiple channels.

Make them feel known and appreciated by offering them highly relevant content. Use real-time user behavior, preferences, and cross-channel engagement to automate and distribute personalized communications.

Personalize your email campaigns

Send emails that your target audiences want to read. Recommend products that each consumer will enjoy, binge-worthy entertainment, and must attend events and scale your business to the next level.

Convert on the go

Drive user attention wherever you want it and increase conversions with individualization.

Custom Messages that Drive Engagement

Reach out to your customers quickly through messaging channels like WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger & SMS marketing. Segment your audience to get the most out of your efforts.

Elevate In-app experiences

Create personalized in-app experiences with comprehensive mobile marketing tools. Drive customers to the right page by enabling app push and in-app messages.

Take the next step to drive your growth