Targeted Offers!

To boost interaction and conversions, use targeted offers.

Targeted Offer Types

Run targeted offer campaigns to improve your sales conversion by leveraging user behavior data

Recency, Frequency, Monetary value.

Relationship matrix.

Major Life Event.



Cart based

Target specific segments of your customers with attractive, personalized content

Target Visitors and New Customers

The number of visitors to your store will not convert on their first visit. Target these customers with personalized and exciting promotions with a high perceived value and simple redemption requirements.

Target Repeat Customers

A returning customer emphasizes the effectiveness of your marketing and sales strategies. As a result, in order to speed up the purchasing process, you must use sales-driven promotions.

Target Dormant Customers

One-time visitors, cart abandoners, and users who leave after making a single purchase are unavoidable. Target them with attractive offers and recover at least some of the revenue that would otherwise be lost forever.

With Kreesalis, you can boost your sales by creating customized targeted offers for your company.