Empower and reward your audience using the world’s most user-friendly gamification platform.

Increase Conversion
Rates by 2x

Increase visit
Rates by 5x

Boost With Gamified Elements!

Reward Points are a unit of measurement which can be used to quantify a user’s progression and improvement.

Badges are a visual representation of a user’s capability, and they encourage users to complete tasks by keeping them in a flow state.

With leaderboards, users can visualize their own accomplishments and see where they stand in relation to the competition.

Cash: Users will be surprised with cash rewards via scratch cards, which will be delivered instantly to their UPI or bank account.

Our satisfied customers have faith in our enterprise-grade solution.

Fill The Engagement Void

Make your business more interactive, game-like, and enjoyable for users to engage in more ways.

Increase Social Sharing

Users enjoy sharing data about competitions, collaboration, and status through social interaction.

Instill A Sense Of Progress

A whole other way to involve users and inspire them to progress from one level to the next is through progression.

How Does It Work?

Simple Integration

  • SDK Integration is available for a variety of platforms.
  • API-driven send event triggers with ease.
  • Webhooks are used to send data to other applications.

With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can create gamified growth campaigns.

  • Create challenges to boost user engagement.
  • Scratch cards with variable rewards
  • A built-in payout wallet is used to deliver rewards in real-time.

Enhance Consumer Engagement and Launch

  • Gamify routine tasks to encourage users to return.
  • At each stage of the campaign, nudge users.
  • Increase retention by incentivizing.

Analyze and improve

  • Reports and analytics detail every aspect of the campaign.
  • Test, adjust, and repeat

Are you ready to begin?

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