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Here the most common frauds faced by the travel industry.

Stolen or fake credit cards

It’s not surprising that fraudsters frequently use credit cards. The purchased tickets are resold to unwary customers either openly or on darknet markets.

Takeovers of accounts (ATOs

Fraudsters obtain a person’s account information and then pretend to be a real customer to conduct unauthorized transactions.

Flight Credits and Cancellations

In order to draw in more customers, airlines are increasingly promoting flight credits. In order to still receive the bonuses, fraudsters book flights using stolen credit cards and then cancel them. They can later resell them or buy authentic tickets to resell.

How K-Protect stops travel fraud!

With a comprehensive end-to-end fraud prevention solution, there are a few key instances that K-Protect emphasizes on

Transaction Tracking

Fraud detection is primarily concerned with identifying patterns, and a few of these will emerge during the payment process. At the checkout, you should concentrate on:

  • The amount of the transaction and the currency used .
  • Credit card types: some credit cards are more commonly used by fraudsters than others.
  • Geolocation: There are high-risk areas around the world where fraudsters will log in to book tickets.

Profiling of Users

Having a complete 360-degree view of who the user is will also save you a lot of time in the long run. This can be accomplished by:

  • IP address analysis: To determine geolocation or the use of a proxy, VPN, or TOR browser.
  • Device fingerprinting: To can reveal whether the same device has previously been linked to fraudulent activity or whether any fraudsters used it to purchase the tickets.
  • Email address analysis: depending on whether the email address is disposable, from a high-risk domain, or used to register for social media accounts, email addresses can reveal a lot about a user.

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