Segmentation & Smart Audiences

Empower your company to market its products or services in a more personalized manner

Key benefits—Audience Segmentation

Accurate & precise targeting

Find new customers

Personalized marketing practices

More flexibility in segment building

Go way beyond simple segmentation with Smart Audiences Segmentation

Smart audience includes information such as the type of device utilized or the time when interactions with a product happened. With all of these factors in mind, you can develop extremely comprehensive and intelligent audiences.







Let’s perform audience segmentation on every major digital marketing channel with Kreesalis


Use Kreesalis first-party user data to create hyper-segmented audiences and adjust existing email templates to provide personalized suggestions to each group.


Stop wasting time and money on general ad campaigns that appeal to a wide range of people. Identify and engage targeted audiences with Kreesalis, and display product recommendations that fit their specific needs. There will be no more wasted marketing funds.

Product Recommendations

Using data science and machine intelligence, Kreesalis allows you to provide relevant, personalised suggestions to highly segmented audiences.

Web Personalization

With Kreesalis Web Personalization, you can treat every site visitor like a VIP, with personalized messaging and content experiences.

Start segmenting your customers