About Us

Kreesalis (named after “Chrysalis”) signifies a state that stands for transformation. And that is exactly what we do. We transform your business transactions and interactions with your valued customers by adding those little nudges & emotions.

For this, we use our powerful technology stack, a API centric approach & a headless architecture, with machine learning and artificial intelligence in a platform brought to life by a passionate team of developers, marketeers & product evangelists.

Business, Technology and Us

As the world around us changes in a way we had not witnessed ever before, it is leading to unprecedented changes in the way brands & companies do business. Digital, contactless, remote, bots, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more are becoming common parlance. Companies right from micro-enterprises to large ones are racing to adopt these technologies and processes and readying themselves for a whole new world. A world where technology is the first-choice intermediary between brands and businesses & their consumers. And that’s precisely where we come in and add that humane, personalized touch into those interactions!

The Cockpit

And to view & manage all this, we have built THE MARKETING COCKPIT. A marketeer, a business owner, a CTO, a developer or a product manager can just don on the hat of a pilot and fly it the way they want. To top it all, it’s got an Advanced Simulator to test out various conditions and scenarios & take the best optimal decision.


Partner with us to take advantage of this huge business opportunity!

Kreesalis is focused on providing an easy to use, enterprise grade Marketing Platform to manage all marketing campaigns and maximise impact and ROI. Towards this end, it is building an ecosystem of business and technology partners to engage customers in multiple geographies across the world.

Our Partners work closely with our clients to identify needs and provide adequate solutions using the Kreesalis Platform. Along with our partners we aim to create business value for our customers by optimising their marketing campaigns and uplifting their revenue streams.

Our partners benefit from getting access to a versatile and robust platform that is a necessity to any business. It is also a great opportunity to build & maximise business reputation and revenue. We support our partners by providing product documentation & collaterals, marketing support, training as well as all technical support for successful client engagement.

Join the Kreesalis Global Partner Program today. Let’s do some exciting things together!

Benefits of Kreesalis

Global Partners Program

  • ZAccess to an All-in-One Marketing Platform
  • ZTechnical Assistance & Training
  • ZMarketing Support
  • ZAttractive Fee Structure