Build Your Customer Data Ecosystem with A Modern CDP Experience Stack Marketing Collaboration Chatbot Automation Fraud Protection Privacy Controls

Add that bit of emotion to your transactions
Make your customers feel truly special


A secure privacy-first next generation Customer Data & Experience Platform to define customer segments, orchestrate frictionless customer journeys and create targeted communications and campaigns that customers value and engage with. It’s Attribution AI models are used to attribute credits to touch points in the customer journey that lead to conversion events.
  • RSimple & easy to use. A must-have for every business
  • RChoose from hundreds of templates to create your unique marketing programs. Optimise your promotion campaigns to get maximum impact

  • RAn API-centric approach. Headless architecture. Future proof. Pre-integrated with popular tools (POS, Billing systems, CRMs)

  • R20+ channels to deliver messages and content
  • RCustomer accounts and their interactions & transactions with the brand is protected by K-Protect, an advanced behavioural biometrics product
  • ROpt in for the Kreesalis Crypto Wallet

Why is KREESALIS Loved by Businesses?

In a noisy marketplace, it helps them stand out by getting personal. Sending that personal message or a tailored offer to their customers at the right time and in the most relevant place.

All-in-one Solution

It has multiple built-in creation, distribution & validation methods to run innumerable marketing programs.

Seamless Collection of Customer Data

Through API integrations, SDKs and imports. Also, data capture forms during coupon claims or reward redemption.

Easily justify ROI by generating venue traffic & boost sales

Trigger visits by offering appealing content & offers to potential or existing customers.

Connect with Audience

Personalise the campaigns and make sure the right audience gets the right communication.

What do we do?


Data is the new oil. Use the power of data to attract, engage and interact with your customers. Create your own community of brand evangelists.


Let your customers know that they are protected when they deal with you in the digital world.


Digital Asset Tokenisation.
Create your own currency and make it tradeable.

Our Partners


Customer Data & Identity Management
Remove data silos, unify customer data from all online and offline sources into a single source of customer intelligence ready for activation through our experience tools or your martech stack.
Segmentation & Smart Audiences
Select audiences with multiple attributes and criteria that go way beyond simple & traditional segmentation. Also, build real-time smart audiences with propensity modeling and watch your revenues shift to a different level.
Personalisation with Experience Tools
Understand customer behavior, enrich customer data through progressive profiling, and launch multiple omni-channel campaigns to give every customer a personalised experience.
Partner Ecosystem
Enlarge your customer base by partnering with multiple businesses and offering complimentary services in the market. Use your CDXP account to collaborate, co-create & run innovative marketing campaigns for combined audiences.
Predictions & Recommendations
Watch the power of your data getting unlocked with purchase predictions, open email predictions, churn predictions. Let your CDXP recommend the best course of action based on these predictions.


Prevent Human & Bot Impersonation
With advanced behavioural biometrics to prevent account takeovers and its misuse.
Prevent Sim Swap Frauds & Social Engineering Scams
Uncover subtle behavioural anomalies that suggest that a cybercriminal is operating the account or the user is acting under the influence of one.
Prevention of Mule Accounts
Distinguish between legitimate applicants and cybercriminals.
Continuous Protection
Analyse every digital interaction & transaction to ensure even the most minor behavioural anomalies do not go unnoticed.
Adaptive Experiences
Pro-active prevention of frauds that is aligned to risk levels to create frictionless customer journeys.


Branded currency with Stablecoins & NFTs
Leverage branded digital assets in the form of a digital currency, stablecoin or non-fungible token. These are designed to support a higher level of customer engagement. The branded digital assets could be loyalty points, gift cards, store credit, and any other type of assets that can be converted to branded currency on the blockchain.
Crypto wallet
Create frictionless user experiences by embedding the branded digital asset directly into your consumer-facing application.
Access, Exchange or Invest
In addition to being rewarded for their loyalty and following, customers or fans may also simply buy tokens for the access they provide. They can go ahead and exchange or invest these tokens easily on the network & in marketplaces or forums where cryptocurrencies are accepted.

The Customer Data Ecosystem 

Tools to implement a “Customer-First” strategy. Built around Experience, Security & Privacy.

Customer Data Platform

“Rich progressive profiling with a low code Segment-like CDP”


“The Linkedin for Marketing Campaigns”


“Put Digital Agents where your customers reside – on WhatsApp & Facebook”


“Every business can now give a Amazon or Netflix experience to their customers”


“Invisible security with Adaptive Authentication”


“Deal safely with third party apps”


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