Enhance Customer Onboarding Efficiency with K-Protect

Cutting-edge tools to combat financial fraud

K-Protect, an artificial intelligence-assisted fraud detection application goes far beyond just bringing down the fraud rate to almost zero percent.

Improving operational efficiency and reducing costs

To enhance user experience

To enable faster and safer service

Facilitating frictionless operations

With K-Protect, Protect your customers at every phase of their journey!

01. Customer Onboarding

End fraud by identifying high-risk users utilizing behavioral signals from K-Protect.

  • Upstream of a KYC solution, with these signals.
  • Filter malicious behavior.
  • Incorporate both behavioral and identity traits.

02. Credit Card Fraud Protection

Through risk scoring and data enrichment, K-protect enables fast, effective, and frictionless credit card fraud detection. Even before they reach the checkout stage, you can create a comprehensive profile of your website visitor.

03. Account Protection

Trace and nullify online fraud with a powerful AI solution driven by a closed-loop engine that prevents fraud from occurring in the first place. K-Protect provides a converged solution for application security and fraud protection, to reduce customer friction and prevent fraud.

04. Account Takeovers

K-Protect is intended to allow you to validate and authenticate users more quickly and with no added friction. This can be used to supplement your KYC and AML checks, preserve customer accounts, or pre-screen users to save money.

05. Fraudulent Fund Transfers

The goal is to use risk tech that is both robust and scalable
while still providing frictionless customer satisfaction. K-Protect provides a comprehensive list of modular APIs, allowing you to select only the APIs you need to integrate into your technology platform to obtain richer data.

Protection that Never Goes Off of Duty!

K-Protect thrives at accurately detecting cases of fraud, enabling you to maximize efficiency while reaping the benefits. Validating and authenticating users without any friction is now

Cease the dangers of insurance and banking fraud today!