Combat supply chain frauds with K-Protect

Enhancing operational efficiency by converting compliance and risk into opportunities.

Protect your company from the greatest risks of supply frauds:

Financial Setbacks

Increased Insurance Prices

Reputational Harm

Costs of the investigation and prosecution

If you are in the supply business,
you must be wary of common supply frauds

Financial fraud occurs when a contractor discloses multiple invoices for work that has only been incurred once, or when a contractor issues false or inflated invoices.

Misrepresentation of goods or services is any scenario in which a company or supplier willfully misconstrues the product or service sold or offered. Quality assurance fraud is one example.

Economic sanctions violations include intentionally disabling a ship’s tracking system, making bogus stops, and establishing a complex web of businesses or shipping routes to evade detection of the illicit flow of goods.

Why K-Protect is best for your business against supply chain fraud

Cut back on financial fraud

Reduce financial fraud in the supply chain caused by errone- ous payments, fraudulent transactions, and problems with the billing and invoice processes.

Figuring inventory fraud

Integrate a cutting-edge tracking system into your processes to stop inventory theft. Utilize software for cameras, bar- codes, and RFID to monitor the layout of the warehouse.

Reduce the risk of fraud

Automate management procedures for warehouses and transportation to reduce human interference and the poten- tial for fraud.

Striving to improve data analytics to discover and cease supply chain fraud activity

Integrate K-Protect into your supply chain to stop fraud before it starts and save yourself from having to conduct numerous audits to find the problem. To remain secure, keep track of all payments and transactions.
With benefits like:
  • Improved internal tracking and monitoring procedures
  • Using self-learning algorithms
  • Data mismatch identification

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