In-store promotions

Use Mobile Marketing Koisks, Wi-fi marketing, NFC to design appealing offers and buzz inside the store and thereby drive conversions to higher cart value.

Go-to-store promotions

Providing tempting offers and experiences through QR codes, social media, SMSes, email & mobile wallets to boost footfalls into stores.

Shopping loyalty

Use purchase history for recency, frequency and monetary value data to reward the shopper with points that can be used for further purchase, cart discounts and other privileges.


Cart level promotions

Enticing customers to buy more by offering automatic discounts based on what customers have in their carts and on attributes like cart value, content, etc. Tapping into product bundling tactics for effective cross selling and up selling.

Gift cards

Design and manage personalised & digital gift cards for various occasions as a part of a campaign, loyalty programs or standalone gift certificates. Use it as a part of new customer acquisition strategy, or for customer retention or simply as a sales booster.

Personalised discounts

Tap into the reserves of customer data and provide the adequate nudge at the right time, thereby enticing the customer to take the final purchase decision.


Loyalty program

More and more people across the world are using debit cards, credit cards, mobile money or wallets, internet banking to transact with each other. Every financial services company needs a loyalty program. But simply giving points and rewards is not enough. We let you create the best-in-grade loyalty program for banking & insurance customers and use it effectively to expand the bouquet of services that you offer your customers.


Use one-way or two-way referral programs to onboard customers across numerous points in the value chain and across channels. Create effective ways of communicating and give instant gratification to get your user inside the gates.

Personalised offers

Progressive profiling helps banks create highly personalised offers and banks can significantly increase and consolidate upsell and cross sell opportunities. No other segment gives the chance to do this more than the BFSI segment and we give you the best platform to do it on.

Travel & Hospitality

Frequent traveler miles

The most used type of loyalty program just got a make over. Use the latest technology to plug into & provide a redemption process that gives never-before-seen rewards with personalized gifts, virtual experiences, superior discounts and cash back offers across marketplaces. Your customers can now seamlessly use it using multiple channels and get recommended options as they travel across various cities and countries.

Upgrades & Gifts

Give your customers some sweet surprise during their journey. That’s what sometimes spins magic into those experiences. You will find them recounting those stories over and over again to audiences who will then become your next set of customers. Be sure that your customer takes home that little bit of magic and then simply wait for the results.

Privileges & access

This is to make your customers feel truly wanted, especially the loyal and semi-loyal ones. Give them privileges at airports, at popular cafes, at some business lounges or through add-on insurance, valet service, taxi service, etc. across cities. Not only does it give bragging rights which others then aspire to, you can quickly create a revenue stream out of it.


Delivery or Takeaway

The restaurant delivery industry has really taken off in almost all urban centers with the advent of delivery service partners. In the Contactless world of post Covid era, every food outlet will need to engage with its audience through contextual & targeted offers and promotions. Give them something to let them keep coming back. We offer you a plethora of options to mix and match it.

At Venue

Give your service providers at the venue that much needed intelligence to make each visit of the customer a truly personalized and treasured experience. Nudge the visitor and guests with their preferences and make them feel special by adding a discount with it. Watch the spending per wallet increase gradually . And finally add that much needed referral program to your customer engagement.

Customer Care

On-time service or delivery and food quality are two parameters that gets judged on every order basis. Every restaurant has to track this and make sure that it adheres to a certain assurance level. After all, this is the age of customer reviews. Positive or negative review can make or break the business. So every time, somebody goofs up in the chain, accept it, throw in a free meal and some other gift to make up for it. Make sure this process is under control and monitored properly by using our feedback modules.

Fan Engagement

Geo-fencing & proximity based notifications

The fan has to be engaged within the premises with offers from commercial outlets like snacks bar, drinks counter, contests from sponsors and a lot more. This can be used in sports events, celebrity events, movie multiplexes, malls and other places of entertainment.


Game mechanics for real-life situation as well as virtual games can be created to engage pre-, post- and in-session events for users. This is one of the most powerful and trending ways to create a community of loyal ambassadors and influencers.

FMCG / CPG / Automobiles

Rewards & Loyalty programs for Distributors and Retailers

Effective use of coupons to design incentive programs and track and monitor secondary and tertiary sales data trends in various geographies and industries which have traditionally relied on distributors and retailers to sell. The business intelligence allows organizations to deploy resources in the best manner possible.

Customer Care

The right communication and also giving further incentives to loyal customers or making it up to irate ones are an absolute must for customer care and gives ample ammunition to the often harried customer support executives. Let’s make their lives a tad easier. And also treat our existing customers like royalty. Believe us, it pays back like anything.

Cashbacks & discounts

Offers at the point of sale or influence are a critical part of such sales. For CPG or Automobiles, the customer is quite often in a discovery phase and getting treated like you already know them and would be there with them all the way gives the much needed confidence.

For FMCG, point of sales discounts and cash back have been the traditional way to give sales a boost. What we do is to give more heft by providing you a host of templates to quickly choose from and also give predictive indications of the efficacy of the campaigns.

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