Customer Data & Identity Management

Deliver a secure & seamless low-friction experience for customers without increasing risk

Kreesalis Customer Data &
Identity Management Benefits

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Excellent Customer Experience

Single View of Each Customer

Compliance With Privacy Regulations

Advanced Login Options

Advanced Security and Convenience

Strong Security for Data and Accounts

Create a safe, and fully digital
customer experience throughout
the customer journey.


Build simplified registration experiences and progressively collect user data with consent to facilitate personalized transactions.


Reauthenticate known users with multi-factor authentication (MFA) or passwordless experiences, using risk adaptive methods.


Provide customers with complete control over their user preferences and data, and enable secure account recovery to ensure their trust.


Manage millions of identities from a various unreliable sources. Over time, add new apps, implement fraud prevention measures, and integrate systems throughout the company.

The unique capabilities of customer data and identity management help you strengthen security while minimizing the likelihood of data breaches and fraud at every stage of the customer journey.

Gain an advantage by implementing new and advanced login options that are not yet widely adopted to improve customer experience, customer trust, or both.

Passwordless Login

One-Touch Login

Smart Login

    Leverage customer data & identity management to collect information in more respectful ways

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