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Why Kreesalis

At Kreesalis, we love solving problems related to customer engagement for worldwide brands. Modern customers who frequently switch between devices, locations, and channels expect consistent delivery from brands. In the digital-first world, customers expect personalized experience at every touch-point irrespective of the engagement channel.

This is why we built Kreesalis as an integrated platform that supports incentivized digital engagement for customer-centric brands across e-commerce, retail, banking and financial services, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, restaurants, FMCG, CPG and automobiles verticals.

We Follow Data-backed Approach

Incentives Drive Human Behavior

Several studies have proved that people are pulled toward behaviors that lead to rewards/incentives. The incentive may be discounts, free shippings, loyalty cards, and more. Kreesalis helps brands like you to build win-win relationships with your customers by understanding what your customers value and model behaviours that trigger every click or swipe.
Kreesalis helps you tie incentives directly to customers’ purchases and offer them something they value – whether that’s accessories complementing initial purchase, offers for future discounts, or the ability to accumulate larger rewards over time.

Personalization Drives Better Results

71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal. 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

Kreesalis helps you personalize every touchpoint of customer engagement.You can personalize every message you send, customer dashboards you offer, channels you engage on, the earning rules for different segments, and customer incentives. Our platform allows you to leverage the power of personalization and merchandising in more onsite interactions than any other platform in the market.

Measure and Optimize

Uncover hidden buying behaviour and get a comprehensive view of your customer engagement by consolidating data from both online and offline stores. Leverage predictive analytics and optimization algorithms based on machine learning models to forecast purchase patterns and help businesses create effective campaigns driving maximized RoI.

Plug-in data visualization tools for deeper analysis for optimizing marketing strategies and campaigns.

Customer Centricity is Our Guiding Light

We value our customers more than anything in our business. Before making any decision – be it adding new features to our product or adding new members to our team – we evaluate the impact on our customers. Keeping customers at heart, we at Keesalis are on a mission to empower you to build valuable and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Everything You Need in a Single Platform

  • ZKreesalis is not just another retargeting tool using cookies to push ads to prospective customers. Our platform lets you create targeted offers and loyalty programs that engage one-on-one with customers.
  • ZDriven by simplicity, Kreesalis is user-intuitive interface that can handle complex use cases across multiple touchpoints
  • ZAt Kreesalis, we take customer data privacy, security, and compliance very seriously. Our customers trust our platform with their data knowing it is processed securely and meets all data privacy and security standards.

What Clients say About Us

This e-commerce player wanted to increase the basket size of customers, especially with cart based recommendations and deals. They wanted to increase both value added and impulse purchase. Kreesalis’ solutions successfully configured their initial campaigns with an avg. of 20-40% increase in cart size per customer. Today, the client runs a number of concurrent campaigns to not only increase cart size, but also improve customer experience.

A niche e-commerce player
Handling cart promotions and incentives

A leading fitness chain was finding it difficult to engage existing customers, especially in the mid-segment of less frequently visiting patrons & the ones who are keen to be fit, but lack the discipline and rigour shown by the top 5%. A progressive & omni-channel program led by the right nudges, content and gamification led to an astounding increase in engagement levels (the highly engaged segment is today at 40% of total customer base) and thus it provided far more stabler and improved cash flows for the company.

A prominent fitness chain
Driving Customer Engagement with an omni channel strategy

We run an 'Enterprise-wide Loyalty Program' for all of the bank’s customers which gives them Reward Points for various transactions across a wide spectrum of banking services. These transactions pertain to Debit Card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Personal Banking, Loans (Both Domestic & NRI), Rural Banking and SME Accounts. The accumulated Reward Points can be redeemed to get a wide range of products & services using the Kreesalis Loyalty Wallet.

A leading retail bank
Loyalty program for credit and debit card customers.

The client has a distribution channel across the country and has used the traditional distribution system of using distributors & retailers. So they hardly had any data on secondary and tertiary sales and therefore minimal to zero control over retailers & other influencers like mechanics. We executed an identify, enroll and engage program for the client in select regions. The dealers & retailers were enrolled into the system with the help of the local staff. A tagging mechanism was used to link users to the product and frictionless enrolment and progressive profiling techniques were followed to collect data and insights in a seamless manner. Over a 1000+ new mechanics data points in less than 3 months time period & these mechanics are now engaged through the Kreesalis platform.The sales for the client have gone up by more than 30% aggregate in regions where the campaigns started as compared to the control regions.

A leading manufacturer & supplier of car batteries
Tracking secondary and tertiary sales trends in a multi-tiered distribution channel.

Being new to the market, the client wanted to attract heavy footfalls and positive word-of-mouth and reviews to quickly catch the attention of the elite clientele. Kreesalis used a mix of geo-targeting, discount offers & referral campaigns to drive customers to the venue. The result was a 105% booking demand on average weekdays & more than 200% on weekends within the first 3 months. An effective feedback mechanism coupled with a sustained engagement & loyalty program has helped to entrench the restaurant in the catchment area within the shortest possible time period.

A brand new fine-dining restaurant
Geo targeting & discount offers to drive customers to the venue

The client runs innovative marketing campaigns for a kids’ health drink brand. It has been very successfully running Scratch & Win campaigns to drive sales and engage with its young audience. For this segment, the activity of winning a prize or accumulating reward coins to cash in on higher rewards & being associated with the brand is the bigger draw today than the product itself! Gamification within these campaigns has also helped boost revenues immensely.

A leading FMCG major
A Physital Scratch & Win Campaign using Coupons acts as a sales booster.

This chain of beauty salons using a combination of offers, discounts, loyalty card & contests to engage with its customers. It also uses referral programs to quickly increase its customer base. The Kreesalis platform uses the recency, frequency and monetary value of customer interactions and transactions to recommend further offers and this improved repeat customers by more than 50% and also cross-sell and upsell accessories and other services with a 10-15% uptick in transaction value for an average 30% of the customer base.

A Beauty Salon chain
To drive all marketing promotion campaigns.

The client has used Kreesalis platform and its referral and digital coupons system to create respondent panels across categories. Today it boosts of 500-1000 members each across major SEC segments. The uptime for conducting an online survey for the client is hardly 72 hours. The client has also developed methodologies to provide ongoing feedback to its customers using the Kreesalis platform.

A leading Market Research organisation
Online surveys are combined with digital coupons.

This hotel located in an exotic location faced a bit competition in the neighbourhood. It is managed by a group of very creative and passionate people who truly believe in giving their customers a wonderful experience. They decided to change the entire game by putting a gamified experience & personalised communication at the core of its business. Using Kreesalis platform, they were able to create unique journeys for each of their customers. The start to end was on joy ride for the customers with unexpected and enriching experiences that added to their holiday stories! The hotel is overbooked by more than 400% during season time and has at least 60-70% occupancy rates during off-season.

A Premium Hotel Resort
Creating a gamified stay experience